Why You Should Cook Food

Cooking is the technology, art or craft of preparing food for consumption by the use of heat. Cooking varies from one part of the world to another regarding ingredients and the techniques of cooking from the utilization of the open fire, electric cooking machines to baking in various ovens. The types of cooking depending on the skills gained and the kind of training an individual has gone through. Below are reasons as to why cooking is supposed to be done to some foods.

The Necessity Of Cooking Food

To Kill Bacterialmsmvlsdmvsdmvlsmvlsdmvlsdvsdvsdv

Bacteria are small micro-organisms that if not killed or treated they can cause diseases like, like if taking raw meat, it contains this bacterium which will multiply then cause harm. Cooking of food assists in the killing of this bacterium as it is heated to some temperatures which no organism will survive. Foods like meat, milk, etc., it is recommended for them to be cooked because there are high chances of them having the bacteria disease-causing microorganisms. The temperatures to which they have to be heated also matter.

Mix Many Ingredients

Cooking also allows someone to mix many ingredients in one meal for a balanced diet to be acquired and enjoying the meal. Imagine of foods without the ingredients like tomato, onions and all those that makes food to be sweeter and increase the aroma? It will make the food unpleasant and tasteless hence cooking amends all this in one plate for us to enjoy it when eating and also enhances the appetite for the food and the health part of it is fine.


To increase the taste of some foods, they have to be cooked as compared when they are taken raw. Eggs and many other foods need to be prepared for them to be tasteful.

To Soften

Some foods when eaten raw it ‘s hard for them to lmsldvmlsdvmlsmvlsdlvmsldmvlsdmvsdvsdvchew or even to digest, like eating raw dry maize, it will be hard for it to be chewed and also its digestion will be hard in the stomach. Cooking comes in to soften this meal for easy digestion, and easy swallowing as the raw will even cause some injuries when it is swallowed through the food pipe. Cooked food will easily be digestible in your stomach and will provide you with all the essential enzymes required to break fats, carbs, and protein into energy.

Though cooking is the best way to prepare food to be eaten but also remember if not prepared properly it is not healthful because even the enzymes will be killed.