What is white girl wasted?

white girl wasted

Let me explain what is white girl wasted. White girls, as we all know are the whiny cry-baby category of girls. They are so full of self-importance, that they think they are entitled to everything. When a girl is so self-important, she will be so self-consumed with her own grandiose ideas, that she will never make any friends. This is why; the more she talks, the more she thinks and the more she pouts, the more she thinks she is a big girl and can do no wrong. She has this self-conception that she is better than everybody else, and if her parents don’t teach her otherwise, she will remain like that forever.

So, what is white girl wasted? She is a person who has wasted her talent, her time, her money, and her beauty. It’s a pity, because there is no reason for her to be so self-involved. There is only one reason, and that is she was not taught right from wrong when she was young. She was never taught that life is hard, that her life does not come that easy, that she should always be careful about what she does and who she lets near her. She was made to believe that her life should be built on her own, for her, and nobody else.

So, what is white girl wasted? She is lost. She has lost her sense of self-worth, she has lost her ambition, and she has lost her faith in her own abilities. It is tragic that somebody who should have been smart enough to find a good job, should have given herself a chance at success, and at success is the key to happiness.

What is white girl wasted? She is a cultural icon, but in too many ways she has lost the meaning of what being a cultural icon is supposed to be all about. She has been pilloried, tormented, and judged in a way that would have had her hanged a thousand times over if she had made any attempt to defend herself. And now that we have the Internet, what is the white girl is lost? Her value has been sullied and with it the true essence of what is beautiful.

What is white girl wasted? She is a sex symbol, a fetish object, and the butt of countless jokes. The very thought that a half-naked, scantily clad, little blonde, in an outrageously over the top outfit might be allowed to wander the streets seems to drive some people batty. And yet, the same women who gape at celebrity sexual therapists and talk about how they would leave their husbands for anything less than a virginal, wrinkle free sex slave are allowed to sit in judgment on what is a white girl.

What is white girl wasted? She has lost her sense of self, she has been degraded and made fun of, she has become a laughingstock and a cultural icon of derision. What is the white girl is lost? Everything that once made her smile and her face light up now glowers in sadness and disgust.

What is white girl wasted? We might as well take a step back, give the poor girl a break, and tell her to take a hike, before we have one too many of her. What is the white girl is lost? She has lost herself.